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We help others find their unique property story, making the experience stress-free, enjoyable, and memorable for them.

Pavillon Road, Chelsea

Our commitment

Property Story grew out of the feeling that the London property market was ambiguous and remains far from accessible today. We want to change that by clearing doubts and bringing your dream London home within reach.

Our mission

Our mission is to help our clients find the perfect home that suits their unique needs and preferences because we believe where we live profoundly influences our happiness and well-being. To achieve that goal, we connect you with the right property, neighbourhood, and community, so you can write the best chapters of your life in a place that feels like home.

Our values 

We are genuinely passionate about going above and beyond for our clients, and our core values of transparency, integrity, commitment, and trust drive every interaction. We wholeheartedly believe in providing candid insights and advice while pouring our hearts and souls into finding the perfect property to become the backdrop for your cherished memories. With us by your side, you can rest assured that your dreams and aspirations are in capable, caring hands.

About the founder, Victoria Bhouddhavongs

My love for London began when I relocated to London from France 10 years ago. It wasn’t an easy journey when I was looking for my first London home. It involved jumping hurdles, understanding the property market, avoiding pitfalls, and figuring out neighbourhood quirks. Even though I found it quite challenging to create my ideal property story, I eventually found my perfect corner of London and have not looked back since.

Today, I help others find their property story, making the experience stress-free, enjoyable, and memorable for them. We at The Property Story believe that finding the perfect London property is significantly easier when you have the help of an experienced and trusted London property advisor.

Housing should be accessible to all, serving as an investment opportunity and a secure haven for living. With each progressive step we take, we not only strive to enhance accessibility but also actively contribute to shaping cities that cater to the evolving needs of our global community.”

Victoria Bhouddhavongs, Founder of The Property Story

With a decade of experience living in London, Victoria brings invaluable insights into the city’s diverse architecture and culturally rich neighbourhoods. Victoria’s roots trace back to the scenic South of France, where she honed her legal expertise in business law, which she now applies to negotiating and proofreading rental and purchase terms of contracts. 

Her strong stead led her to a career in real estate, relocation and property development, assisting over 300 ex-pats and internationals in renting or buying in London. Her driving passion is understanding their stories, aspirations, and dreams. Beyond sourcing properties, Victoria’s role as a property consultant focuses on local property market expertise, building relationships and earning trust. She aims to transform the daunting process of property finding into a seamless, enjoyable journey, making London feel like home.

Who we help

If you’re a private individual needing an investment property, a second home, or a primary residence, we can help you find the right property. We also assist corporates in relocating their employees to London from overseas. You can be confident that buying or renting with us will be a stress-free experience.

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We are eager to learn about your unique property needs and motivations. Reach out via email or schedule a time to discuss further. Let us be your guide through the exciting London property market.

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