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  • What do you need to look for when you’re choosing a property finder?

    When choosing a property finder, focus on professionalism, positive client ratings, a friendly approach, strong negotiation skills, and proper registration with relevant authorities.

    The Property Story is member of The Property Ombudsman Scheme – our certificat and Codes of Practice

    We’re pleased to be noted 5/5 on Google reviews

  • Do you have many contacts?

    Luckily for us we’ve been sourcing properties all over London, for many years and we’ve established a long lasting relationship with estate agents, property developers and landlords. Plus, estate agents change companies frequently – this means we have hundreds of contacts and connections at various companies all across London and the UK.

  • What sort of clients do you work with?

    We serve a diverse range of clients, from private individuals such as professionals, expatriates, families, students, to corporations (employee permanent or temporary accommodations, private let or corporate let).

  • I am not very good at negotiating.

    Our negotiation expertise ensures we get you the best deal without you needing negotiation skills.

  • What advantages or expertise do you offer that could improve my property search compared to my previous efforts?

    Sourcing the best options and securing the right one promptly:

    • We tailor each search to our client’s specific needs and leverage creativity to identify a wider range of options.
    • During an active search, we continually explore the market thoroughly to ensure no potential property goes unnoticed.
    • We have early access to properties before they officially hit the market, giving us a competitive edge. Some options will remain completely off market. 

    Ensuring acceptance of your offer:

    • Engaging a property finder showcases commitment and professionalism in the property acquisition process. Our buyers are recognised by the estate agents for their commitment. 
    • With a comprehensive understanding of the local market and real estate trends, we provide insights and advice based on our expertise, enabling informed decision-making, especially regarding offer price.
    • We recognise your strengths and implement strategies to comprehend the seller’s circumstances, allowing us to present offers thoughtfully, not solely based on the highest bid.
  • The last time I bought a property it took forever & I never knew what was happening.

    We collaborate with top mortgage brokers and solicitors for their professionalism, dedication, and efficiency. Throughout the entire process, we uphold regular communication and take an active role in driving the process to ensure timely completion.

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