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At The Property Story, we understand that relocating to London is more than just finding a place to live. It's about settling into a new environment, building connections, and feeling at home in your new city.

What can our London relocation services do for you?

The process of moving and relocating to a new country is complicated, from finding suitable housing to legal and tax issues and adjusting to a new culture. As part of our relocation services, we provide comprehensive support in three key areas for expatriates:

Housing solutions: Whether you’re seeking permanent residence or temporary accommodation, we assist in the home search process, property selection, and lease negotiations. In the competitive London rental market, our expertise can make all the difference in finding the perfect property in the right neighbourhood, at the right price.

Orientation and settling-in services: From understanding your criteria to discovering the area to setting up essential services like bank accounts, insurance, GP registration, and utilities, we ensure you feel at home from day one. Approximately 60-70% of our clients globally opt for an orientation and settling-in services, recognising the importance of getting settled in quickly and efficiently. 

Legal and tax subjects: Navigating legal and tax requirements can be overwhelming. Our team provides guidance and support to ensure compliance and peace of mind, addressing concerns such as visa requirements and taxation laws for expatriates.

Who are our London relocation services for?

Corporate employees – Many companies offer relocation services to their employees who are being transferred to a new office or location. It can be part of a global relocation package.

Individuals or families – People who are moving for personal reasons such as a change in lifestyle, retirement, or to be closer to family. To live in the UK, you’ll need a work, study or family visa. 

Expatriates – Individuals moving abroad for work or other purposes often require assistance with navigating the complexities of international relocation, including visa applications, cultural adaptation, and finding suitable housing.

High Net Worth Individuals (HNWIs) – There is no doubt that relocation services are in demand among high-net-worth individuals. In the UK’s complex luxury property market, we are the preferred choice for privacy, efficiency, expertise, and exceptional service. With their elevated approach, relocation services will continue to be essential assets to these individuals looking to manage their global transitions effectively.

Students – Students moving to attend college or university in London may also use relocation services to help with finding housing, navigating the new environment, secure the property they really want and settling into their new academic community.

Seniors – Elderly individuals or retirees who are downsizing, moving to a retirement community, or relocating to be closer to family may benefit from relocation services that cater to their specific needs and concerns.

Military personnel – Members of the military and their families often require relocation services when they are assigned to a new duty station.

Diplomats – Diplomats are frequently assigned to serve in different countries for a certain period, and relocation services help them and their families with the intricate process of moving to a new country. Therefore, relocation services tailored to diplomats’ needs are essential in facilitating their diplomatic missions and maintaining their effectiveness in representing their countries abroad.

For pet owners / pet relocation – We understand the challenges of finding pet-friendly rentals in London and offer pet expert assistance in navigating this competitive market to find the perfect home for you and your furry friend in attractive cities like London.

When to contact a relocation company?

The sooner, the better. Whether you’re relocating as an individual employee or managing the move for your employee’s organisation, early engagement with a relocation company ensures a smoother transition. We specialise in facilitating relocations to London, catering to a diverse clientele and are prepared to meet any deadlines.

Our experience

With a dedicated team catering to C-level executives and high-net-worth individuals, we bring a wealth of experience and expertise to every relocation. Our track record speaks for itself:

  • Over 300 properties secured in London for both private and corporate clients.
  • Serving clients from more than 20 different sectors across 15 countries, including the United States, France, Singapore, Dubai and Australia.
  • Experience covering all 32 boroughs of London, ensuring comprehensive coverage and local expertise.

Where do we offer our property renting services?

Our primary servicing area is London, covering the following regions:

  • North London
  • North East London
  • East London
  • South East London
  • South London
  • South West London
  • West London
  • North West London

We have extensive knowledge of London communities and neighbourhoods within these regions; you may check out some of the most popular areas that interest you.

Angel & Islington, East London

Chelsea, West London

Chiswick, West London

Hampstead & Belsize Park, North West London

Marylebone, West London

Notting Hill, West London

Richmond, South West London

St John’s Wood, North West London

What’s Included in our relocation package?

Moving to a capital city like London requires meticulous planning and attention to detail. From navigating the public transport system to understanding the rental prices in Central London, our comprehensive relocation package covers every aspect of your move. Whether you’re an American expat seeking the perfect location or an Australian family searching for suitable accommodations, we tailor our services to meet your specific needs and preferences. Our relocation package covers a wide range of services tailored to meet the unique needs of our clients:

  • Orientation and settling-in services
  • Housing assistance, including property viewings in-person and/or remotely and lease negotiations
  • Legal and tax support, addressing visa requirements and taxation laws
  • Education and cultural integration programs, facilitating school searches and language training
  • Spousal and family support, ensuring a smooth transition for all members of the family
  • Corporate relocation services, managing the move for entire teams or organisations
  • Temporary housing solutions, providing short-term accommodations during the transition period
  • Ongoing post-relocation support, ensuring continued assistance and adjustment to life in London
A long row of Victorian townhouses in West Hampstead, London.

How Our London Relocation Service Works

Our experienced team understands the complexities involved in relocating to a major city like London. We start by assisting you with the visa process, ensuring that you meet all the necessary requirements to reside in the British capital. Once your visa is secured, we delve into the property market, conducting thorough property searches and arranging viewings of rental properties that meet your criteria. Whether you’re searching for a Victorian house with character or a modern apartment with a terrace overlooking the city skyline, we help you find the perfect accommodation options.

Step 1 – Initial Consultation:

a. Schedule a consultation meeting either in person or virtually.

b. During the consultation, our relocation specialist will gather detailed information about your needs, preferences, and requirements for your new accommodation.

c. We discuss your preferred location, budget constraints, desired amenities, and any specific property features you’re looking for.

d. Our specialist provides insights into different neighbourhoods, commuting options, and local facilities to help you make informed decisions.

Step 2 – Property Search:

a. Based on the information gathered during the consultation, our team initiates a comprehensive search using our extensive network and resources.

b. We leverage our connections with landlords, property agents, and databases to identify suitable accommodations that match your criteria.

c. Our search encompasses various types of properties such as apartments, houses, or serviced residences, depending on your preferences.

Quiet residential passage in London

Step 3 – Property Viewings:

a. Once potential properties are shortlisted, we offer the flexibility to conduct viewings either in person or remotely, according to your preference and convenience.

b. For in-person viewings, we coordinate and schedule appointments at times that suit your schedule, ensuring a personalised and tailored experience.

c. In case you opt for remote viewings, we utilise advanced technology to conduct virtual tours, allowing you to explore properties from the comfort of your current location. We often do a mix of both. 

d. Regardless of the viewing method chosen, our specialist accompanies you virtually or in person, providing detailed insights into each property.

e. During the viewings, we capture high-quality photos and videos of the properties to provide a comprehensive overview and assist you in making informed decisions.

f. We offer guidance on property features, layout, condition, and surrounding amenities, ensuring you have all the necessary information to evaluate the suitability of each option.

g. You have the opportunity to ask questions, request specific angles or details, and express preferences to tailor the search further to your needs.

Step 4 – Rental Process:

a. Upon selecting a property, we guide you through the rental application process.

b. We facilitate negotiations on rental terms, lease duration, and any special conditions, ensuring your interests are represented.

c. Once terms are agreed upon, our team assists during the referencing process with paperwork, including rental applications, credit checks, and references required by landlords or agencies.

d. When referencing is passed, we review lease agreements thoroughly, explaining clauses and ensuring clarity before you sign.

Step 5 – Post-Relocation Support:

a. Even after you’ve moved into your new home, our support continues.

b. We provide assistance with setting up utilities, internet, and other essential services in your new property.

c. Our team remains available to address any issues or concerns that may arise during the transition period, offering practical solutions and support.

d. We also offer guidance on local amenities, community resources, and any additional assistance you may need to settle comfortably into your new environment.

e. Our goal is to ensure your relocation experience is smooth, stress-free, and tailored to your needs from start to finish.

What sets us apart and why choose our relocation services?

Tailored executive relocation solutions: We specialise in crafting personalised relocation plans for senior positions, C-level executives, ensuring a seamless transition to London.

Commitment to excellence: Our philosophy is to under-promise and over-deliver, going the extra mile to exceed client expectations.

Strategic networking assistance: We connect relocating executives with key industry contacts and business communities, offering valuable support beyond the relocation process.

Post-relocation support: Our commitment doesn’t end with the move. We provide ongoing support to ensure the long-term success and well-being of our clients.

Join our community of expats: Moving to a new city can be daunting, but you’re not alone. London is home to a diverse community of expats from around the world, all seeking to make their mark in this attractive and vibrant city. As your fellow expats, we’re here to support you every step of the way, ensuring that your relocation to the English capital is a smooth and successful journey.

Navigating the London property market: With London being one of the largest and most popular cities in the world, the property market can be competitive and fast-paced. Our team is well-versed in the nuances of the market, allowing us to identify suitable properties in desirable neighbourhoods that match your preferred location and budget. From monthly rent considerations to property requirements, we handle every aspect of your property search, making the process seamless and stress-free.

Support every step of the way: At The Property Story, we understand that relocating to London is more than just finding a place to live. It’s about settling into a new environment, building connections, and feeling at home in your new city. That’s why our relocation package goes beyond property search assistance. We provide comprehensive support, including school searches for families, guidance on accessing the national health service, and assistance with the application process for essential services.

Whether you’re drawn to London’s historic landmarks, cultural attractions, or vibrant lifestyle, our relocation services are designed to simplify your move and help you settle into this exciting cosmopolitan hub. Contact us today to learn more about our relocation package and start your journey to the perfect London lifestyle. 

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do you have many contacts?

    Luckily for us we’ve been sourcing properties all over London, for many years and we’ve established a long lasting relationship with estate agents, property developers and landlords. Plus, estate agents change companies frequently – this means we have hundreds of contacts and connections at various companies all across London and the UK.

  • What sort of clients do you work with?

    We serve a diverse range of clients, from private individuals such as professionals, expatriates, families, students, to corporations (employee permanent or temporary accommodations, private let or corporate let).

  • I am not very good at negotiating.

    Our negotiation expertise ensures we get you the best deal without you needing negotiation skills.

  • How many properties do you present and can we view per search?

    We present and view as many properties as needed until we find your perfect match.

  • How many agencies are you contacting per search?

    We proactively reach out to all agencies per area, large corporations and smaller independent and local agencies, ensuring access to a wide pool of properties. Additionally, we leverage our network to find hidden gems. Our aim is to exhaust the market. 

  • What if you don’t find the property?

    Our extensive search, network, and commitment ensure we find suitable properties for 99% of our clients.

  • What if I see a property that I like on an online portal?

    Share the property details with us! We’ll assess and view properties on your behalf to ensure they align with your needs. Most of the time, we’ve already received these property details directly from agents. 

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