Your personal and dedicated London buying agent

We at The Property Story understand that buying a property in London is a significant financial and lifestyle decision. With that in mind, one of the safest ways to buy a property is through a property buying agent. As your trusted and knowledgeable London-focused buying agent, we can help make the property buying process safe, straightforward and stress-free.

What can our London property buying services do for you?

We can provide a bespoke and dedicated one-on-one service to buy your perfect property in London from start to finish. We’ll always act in your interest and provide impartial advice. We will also strive to get you the best possible deal on a London property you will call your perfect home.

Who are our London property buying services for?

Finding residential London properties tailored to a diverse clientele is our speciality. If you’re looking for a personal residence, a buy-to-let investment, or are navigating the process from outside the UK, we can help.

For yourself and your partner – Striking the perfect balance between your and your partner’s needs can be tricky if they differ. With our comprehensive knowledge of London’s neighbourhoods, communities and property types, we can strike the ideal middle so you’re both content.

For your family – We tailor the property-finding process around your family’s lifestyle to find your perfect family home in London. Our extensive knowledge of London’s family-friendly neighbourhoods and communities qualifies us to match the best home for your family.

First-time buyers – We know your first home is one of the most important investments you will ever make, so getting it right is crucial. As a first-time buyer, navigating London’s property market can be unfamiliar and overwhelming. With us as a buying agent at your side, you can start your journey with confidence. 

Busy professionals – As a busy professional, having us as a buying agent will provide the efficiency you need, saving you valuable time. We’ll facilitate your property search, handle negotiations, and manage paperwork, all on your behalf, ensuring a smooth and swift purchase process.

Investors – As a property buying service provider, we can provide impartial, sound advice and professional handling of your London property investment every step of the way. We’ll keep you informed about any market movements that apply and identify areas of investment potential, such as high rental demand, capital growth and yields.

Overseas buyers – For international buyers, navigating the real estate market in another country or city can be complex, given the differences in legal, financial, and tax regulations. Having a great deal of experience relocating many ex-pats, we can provide the safe pair of hands you’ll need to secure your property and safeguard your interests. Our trusted network of financial advisors specialised in non-UK residents is at your disposal.

Students – Having an optimal residency while studying can significantly help you perform to your best potential. With our in-depth expertise of communities and lifestyles in or near your study area, we can help you find the perfect property that matches your needs and commute.

Where do we offer our property buying services?

Our primary focus is London, covering the following regions:

  • Central London
  • North London
  • North East London
  • East London
  • South East London
  • South London
  • South West London
  • West London
  • North West London

We have extensive knowledge of London neighbourhoods within these regions; you may check out some of the most popular areas that interest you.

Angel & Islington, East London

Chelsea, West London

Chiswick, West London

Hampstead & Belsize Park, North West London

Marylebone, West London

Notting Hill, West London

Richmond, South West London

St John’s Wood, North West London

How our property buying service works

We leverage our extensive local and market knowledge, industry connections, and negotiation expertise throughout our processes to put you in a strong buying position. But our service doesn’t end there. We conduct rigorous due diligence so you’re fully informed every step of the way and be confident in your purchase decision. Read on to learn more about our process.

Step 1 – Consultation & property search brief

You, the beginning, are at the heart of the property buying process. We begin your property search with a comprehensive understanding of your needs, big and small. We value the importance of a detailed and well-crafted search brief, considering every detail, from preferred neighbourhoods and property types to budget and timelines. Your needs ultimately form the blueprint for finding your ideal property.

As we progress in our search and you refine your preferences, we’ll adjust the property search brief accordingly. This flexible, iterative process ensures we’re always aligned with your changing needs.

Step 2 – Financing options

The right financial product is essential to securing your perfect home in the best financial position possible. With the help of our trusted partners, they will find the most suitable financial arrangement. Our advisors will work diligently to maximise your savings and the value of your investment. All possible costs and expectations are managed to ensure no surprises.

Step 3 – Property search & viewings

As long-time specialists in the London property market, we have access to comprehensive listings, including exclusive and off-market properties. This gives you a broad selection of options to choose from. Our curated shortlist provides a concise selection of properties that best meet your criteria. We will update your shortlist as new properties become available, ensuring you have the latest opportunities. We’ll always explain why each property has been selected so you understand each option’s potential value and fit.

Having an expert undertake property viewings can be invaluable. Properly assessing a property’s condition, potential, and value can equip you with the information you need to make informed decisions. During viewings, sticking points are identified that can be used as leverage to get the best deal possible.

Step 4 – Offer accepted & conveyancing process

The search concludes when the perfect property is found, and your offer is accepted. We will guide you through the legal and financial process during the conveyancing process, working with surveyors, solicitors and financial experts to avoid any pitfalls and ensure a smooth transition to your property ownership.

Step 5 – Change of hands for your perfect property

Congratulations on securing your perfect London home! In the final phase of the property ownership transition, we’ll oversee every detail until the change of hands completes. Our role doesn’t end there; we’ll continue to support you with any issues or questions post-purchase.

Why choose The Property Story’s London property buying agent service?

If you lack the time or find navigating the London property market stressful and want a trusted expert to take the reins, our property buying service would be a good fit.

While there are several services to facilitate the purchase of your London property, we pride our independent service as being very transparent, friendly and personable. Along with that, we have a proven track record of satisfied property owners who endorse our quality of service.

Bespoke, personalised and client-centric approach

Providing a bespoke, personalised and professional client-centric service is at the heart of what we do. We’ve worked on this basis for nearly a decade and know how to align your changing demands skillfully. Your satisfaction is not just our goal; it’s our top priority.

Our process is straightforward and clear

All the steps are straightforward and are laid out clearly from the start. If anything needs to be understood, we’re always more than happy to clarify any process and maintain your confidence throughout the entire process.

Transparent and flexible payment arrangements

We understand that every buyer and property is unique, and we’re flexible enough to accommodate that. Our fees are success-based and reflect the value of our services, which include sourcing properties, viewing and assessing each one, handling negotiations and paperwork, communicating with all parties throughout the process, and finally, providing post-purchase support.

Depending on your specific needs, we can create a customised agreement that suits your financial situation. You only pay us when we successfully help you acquire a property, making our services risk-free. With us, there are no hidden costs or unexpected charges.

We love building long-term relationships

Every property story centres around people who are integral to the adventure. We develop close, lasting relationships with our buyers to be able to find them the properties of their dreams for years to come. Many of our clients are repeat buyers or were renting via our renting search service before and have been very happy with our service.

We are an ethical company that cares

Our fundamental values are trust, transparency, independence, confidentiality, impartiality, and integrity. As part of the Property Ombudsman register, we provide a safe and regulated pair of hands for your property buying process.

In-depth expertise of London

As residents who live and breathe London and have visited all its corners, we are in tune with its neighbourhoods, communities and market dynamics. Our wide-ranging London-focused advantage puts you in a safe and strong position.

Access to a wide selection of properties

Unlike most estate agencies that only list properties representing their landlords, we can access a wide range of London properties from multiple sources on-and-off-market and filter them down to the ones you desire.

Find the perfect property with fewer viewings

Through our service and efficient property-finding process, we can produce a highly aligned shortlist for you, meaning fewer viewings, saving you additional time and stress.

Virtual property viewings

Unlike most property service providers, we can provide virtual viewings by sharing videos and photos of your shortlisted properties. This is particularly useful for time-poor or overseas buyers.

Preferential treatment through our network of professionals

With us, you’ll leverage our longstanding relationships with professionals within the London property market, giving you preferential and prioritised access to properties and related services.

Expert negotiation skills

Equipped with solid negotiation skills and almost a decade of experience getting the best deals for our clients, you’ll benefit from getting the best deals for the property of your dreams.

We provide a time-saving and efficient service

We know how time-consuming and stressful property buying can be; having done it for almost a decade, we’ve become highly efficient, enabling you to move into your perfect property more quickly.

The right, impartial advice when you need it most

We’re always on your side, offering timely, impartial and reliable advice at each step, whether it relates to your goals or goes against your interests. We’re not just your representatives but your partners in this journey, and we want you to succeed in every way by helping you make sound decisions.

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