A Purchase case study in Burgoyne Road, Harringay

Borough of Haringey

Key points of this case study

The client

First time buyer

Property secured

3 bed garden flat

Property type


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Property location

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Case study background and context

Our first-time buyer client franco-american approached us after having been on the market looking for over 1 year. Their goal was to find their dream home with a garden, for them and their dog within a defined budget. They were aware that the real estate market was currently facing challenges, including low stock level. However, they couldn't find the time and energy to carry on and wanted to delegate the whole process. They remained open to exploring various locations as long as they met specific criteria: modern/refurbished, excellent connectivity as they were both busy professional, upcoming area but safe, and with a garden.

Property search criteria

  • 2 bed
  • With a garden
  • Budget: £650,000
  • Requirements: refurbished. Not open to do major work.
  • Area: Flexible

The challenge

The challenge was to identify the optimal choice that aligned with their budgetary constraints, especially given the limited availability of properties in the market. It was crucial to maintain efficiency, provide regular updates, and offer consistent reassurance, considering the clients' significant physical and mental exhaustion. Their extended search across multiple locations had not only been physically and mentally taxing but had also been marked by disappointments when some of their previous offers had fallen through.

Results and outcomes

We employ a clear and professional process in our property search. Every two days, we proactively contact real estate agents in carefully chosen suitable areas to stay updated on market developments. We personally viewed a perfect off-market property on behalf of our clients and crafted an offer designed to be highly appealing to the seller. Being represented by a buying agent gives a significant competitive edge. As a result, we successfully secured a garden flat for this couple and negotiated a price that was 7% below the initial asking price.

The key to success

The key to success was a well-balanced combination of guidance, perseverance, attention to detail, and effective communication with the client. This involved not only staying in sync with their needs and preferences but also keeping them informed every step of the way, fostering trust and ensuring their active involvement in the decision-making process.

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