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We at The Property Story understand that finding the perfect London rental property can be challenging. Our white-glove, personalised London rental search service considers your needs and performs a thorough search, delivering rental opportunities beyond your expectations. Take your time back with our stress-free service.

What can our rental search services do for you?

We can provide a dedicated and bespoke one-on-one service to find your perfect rental property in London that meets your demands from start to finish. We’ll always act in your interest and provide impartial advice. We will also strive to get you the best possible deal on a London rental you will call your perfect home.

Who are our rental search services for?

Our London residential rental search service is available for anyone looking for a short-or-long-term rental in London. Whether you’re moving within the UK or relocating from another country to London, we can help.

For yourself and your partner – Leveraging our knowledge of London, we’ll balance your and your partner’s needs to find the right neighbourhood, community and property type that suits you both. Discover insights into our client’s property search journey in Canary Wharf.

For your family – Prioritising your family’s needs, we can tailor the rental search process to find the perfect family home in London. Our extensive knowledge of catchment areas for schools, family-friendly communities and neighbourhoods qualifies us to find the ideal London rental for your family. Discover the narrative of the Canadian family in search of both a property and a suitable school.

Busy professionals – As a busy professional, having a rental property finder will give you the efficiency you need, saving you valuable time. We’ll facilitate your London rental search, handle negotiations, and manage paperwork, all on your behalf, ensuring a smooth and swift tenancy. Learn about Eda and her husband, esteemed repeat clients of ours..

High Net Worth Individuals (HNWIs) – Privacy, efficiency, expertise, and outstanding service are essential to us. Moreover, our access to off-market properties streamlines the process, ensuring that HNWIs can efficiently move home without the hassle of traditional property searches. In a market where time is precious, our elevated approach to rental searches remains an essential asset for those seeking to secure premium properties discreetly and effectively. Discover the insights from our case study featuring a longstanding high-net-worth individual client.

Relocations from outside the UK – We have relocated numerous individuals, families and expats to London from abroad, giving us a great deal of experience and a safe pair of hands to handle relocations. Additionally, we can assist with furniture rental, moving and storage, visa and immigration, setting up utilities, and financial, tax and legal advice. Have a look at our London relocation services.

Regional and multinational corporates – We understand how important it is for businesses’ employees to move and acclimate into their new London residency as quickly as possible so their role in your business continues without a hitch. We have experience moving individual and multiple employees simultaneously to London for temporary or long-term accommodation from within or outside the UK. Read the story of a bank director relocating from Hong Kong to London.

property sold 2023 chelsea garden on a sunny day
Garden table in Chelsea

VIPs and celebrities – Engaging our rental property finder services are favourable for VIPs or celebrities, as we can perform the search with complete discretion; within time-sensitive timelines. Our experience catering for demanding, high-profile clients uniquely positions us to handle their expectations readily. We can work with VIPs/celebrities directly; or through their managing agencies.

Students – Finding a suitable property that fits your criteria as a student can be challenging. We can help you plan ahead of your study start date, find rentals that match your needs, review the referencing process, and secure the most suitable environment that nurtures your best potential with minimal stress. Read about a UCL student property story.

Pet owners – We know pets and their owners are inseparable, and the challenges of finding a pet-friendly rental property can be disheartening. In general, building policies have become stricter, leading to many buildings not permitting pets; and landlords, deterred by higher insurance requirements for accommodating pets, tend to prioritise tenants without pets. With limited pet-friendly rentals available, it’s worthwhile to have expert assistance to navigate the competitive pet-friendly rental market. Read the story of this family moving to London with their dog.

Rental holiday home in London – Knowing all of London’s best corners and seasonal events, we’re uniquely positioned to advise on the best areas to stay during your London vacation, ensuring your experience is as memorable and enjoyable as possible!

marble dining table birthday
Dining area in a 4 bed house in Ladbroke Grove, Notting Hill

Where do we offer our property renting services?

Our primary servicing area is London, covering the following regions:

  • North London
  • North East London
  • East London
  • South East London
  • South London
  • South West London
  • West London
  • North West London

We have extensive knowledge of London communities and neighbourhoods within these regions; you may check out some of the most popular areas that interest you.

Notting Hill coloured houses renting in London
Colourful houses in Notting Hill

How our property renting service works

Leveraging our local and market knowledge in London, industry connections and negotiation edge, we strive to put you in a solid position to get the best rental properties and deals. With expert guidance and support at every step, we ensure a smooth and efficient experience. Here’s a breakdown of the six key steps we employ to help you find and secure your ideal rental property in London.

Step 1 – Consultation & property search brief

We’ll start with a consultation to understand all your requirements and preferences, forming the blueprint of the ideal rental property you’re looking for. We value the importance of a detailed and well-crafted search brief, considering every detail, such as preferred communities, neighbourhoods, nearby amenities, property types, and budget.

We can adjust your brief criteria throughout the search; this flexible, iterative process ensures we adapt to your changing needs.

Step 2 – Property search & viewings

After determining your specific requirements, we leverage close-knit relationships within the London property network to curate rentals that meet your criteria, whether on or off-market, giving you a wide selection of rentals to consider.

As new rentals become available, we’ll keep revising your shortlist so you always have the latest options. We’ll also provide advice and explain 1he potential and fit of every rental in the shortlist to help you make informed decisions.

Having an expert undertake viewings of your shortlisted properties (with or without you) can be invaluable, as they can assess a property’s condition, looking for anything as leverage for negotiations to get the best deal possible. If you cannot attend in-person viewings, we can provide virtual viewings.

Step 3 – Property selection and negotiation terms

Once you’ve found your perfect property, we will negotiate on your behalf, using any leverage we’ve identified during viewings to get the best possible rental terms.

Step 4 – Referencing

Before moving into your rental, we’ll help with the referencing process, going through it as quickly and seamlessly as possible to prevent delays with your move-in.

Step 5 – Your move

Finally, by working with all parties involved, we’ll make sure nothing is amiss and make the necessary arrangements to ensure a seamless start to your tenancy. As part of our separate settling service offering, we can handle the utilities and logistics of the move on your behalf. We’ll continue to support you with any issues or queries after your move.

Notting Hill modern mews house living room
Modern Mews in London

Why choose The Property Story’s London property rental search service?

We understand that navigating the London rental market can be time-consuming and overwhelming. Our hassle-free London property rental search service will be a great fit if you want to simplify the process and have a trusted expert to guide you through every step.

In addition to our very transparent, friendly and personable service, we want to help make your rental experience successful and enjoyable. Our excellent track record of satisfied tenants speaks for itself.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • I need help with something that is not listed in your services, can you help?

    Certainly! Contact us, and we’ll do our best to assist you or guide you in the right direction.

  • How does a property finder save me money?

    We save you time, provide market knowledge to prevent overpaying, negotiate in your best interest regarding price, specific requirements, terms, and conditions, while also presenting exclusive off-market listings, ultimately resulting in cost savings.

  • What does a property finder do that I cannot do myself?

    As property finders, we are consistently sourcing properties, granting access to an extensive network and insider connections. We provide tailored recommendations, market expertise, and negotiation skills that streamline your property acquisition and rental search. With access to off-market listings, legal knowledge, and long-term support, we introduce you to ideal contacts, significantly enhancing your chances of finding and securing the perfect property in London.

  • What’s the difference between a property finder and an estate agent?

    As property finders, we act on behalf of renters or buyers, prioritising our clients’ interests in finding the most suitable property. In contrast, estate agents primarily work for landlords or vendors, aiming to serve the landlords’ or vendors’ interests in selling or renting out properties.

    Our strength lies in maintaining this distinction, which ensures that our clients trust us, knowing we remain impartial.

  • What’s the benefits of having a property finder?

    We provide expert guidance, streamline the process, keep you updated, and employ negotiation skills to secure the best deal.

    As impartial and dedicated professionals, you can trust us to provide personalised advice to maximise your investment, granting access to exclusive listings, and ultimately saving you time and money while reducing stress, giving you peace of mind.

  • I am interested in your services, what is the next step?

    Getting started is easy! Simply contact us through our website or reach out via phone +447418 601652 or email at [email protected]. Our dedicated team will promptly assist you in commencing your property search or acquisition journey.

  • What do you need to look for when you’re choosing a property finder?

    When choosing a property finder, focus on professionalism, positive client ratings, a friendly approach, strong negotiation skills, and proper registration with relevant authorities.

    The Property Story is member of The Property Ombudsman Scheme – our certificat and Codes of Practice

    We’re pleased to be noted 5/5 on Google reviews

  • Do you have many contacts?

    Luckily for us we’ve been sourcing properties all over London, for many years and we’ve established a long lasting relationship with estate agents, property developers and landlords. Plus, estate agents change companies frequently – this means we have hundreds of contacts and connections at various companies all across London and the UK.

  • What sort of clients do you work with?

    We serve a diverse range of clients, from private individuals such as professionals, expatriates, families, students, to corporations (employee permanent or temporary accommodations, private let or corporate let).

  • I am not very good at negotiating.

    Our negotiation expertise ensures we get you the best deal without you needing negotiation skills.

  • How many properties do you present and can we view per search?

    We present and view as many properties as needed until we find your perfect match.

  • How many agencies are you contacting per search?

    We proactively reach out to all agencies per area, large corporations and smaller independent and local agencies, ensuring access to a wide pool of properties. Additionally, we leverage our network to find hidden gems. Our aim is to exhaust the market. 

  • What if you don’t find the property?

    Our extensive search, network, and commitment ensure we find suitable properties for 99% of our clients.

  • What if I see a property that I like on an online portal?

    Share the property details with us! We’ll assess and view properties on your behalf to ensure they align with your needs. Most of the time, we’ve already received these property details directly from agents. 

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