A Rental case study in St.George’s Square, Pimlico

Case study background and context

We've assisted them for the second time in finding a 'home sweet home' in London. Their previous residence had noisy neighbours, prompting their move. Creating a calm and peaceful environment was a priority for them this time around.

Property search criteria

  • 2 to 3 bed
  • Privacy and calm environment
  • Top floor

The challenge

In 2023, one of the major challenges we faced was the exceptionally low stock level in the market. It took us several weeks of diligent and persistent checking of the market to unearth a hidden gem nestled in Pimlico.

Results and outcomes

Despite the low stock, our persistence led us to discover the perfect home in Pimlico. After a long search, finding this tranquil home in a great location was a satisfying triumph for our clients. In addition, our clients love the fact the lift is going straight inside the apartment.

The key to success

Our success finding the Pimlico gem relied on our dedication and market insight. Despite low stock, our persistence paid off. Our established network gives us early access to the property, ensuring we found a tranquil haven aligning with our client's needs, showcasing our commitment and expertise.

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