A Purchase case study in Belsize Park

Borough of Camden

Key points of this case study

The client

Expat living in London for 10 years

Property secured

4 bed maisonette

Property type


Property value


Property location

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Case study background and context

Our client, a family of four, had been residing in Marylebone for ten years. With their children growing and some savings accumulated, they made the decision to invest in their next home. Juggling busy schedules filled with regular travels and family commitments, they found themselves with no time to dedicate to the exhaustive search process—calling multiple agencies, arranging and attending viewings. Given that this investment represented one of the largest they would make in a country where they were expatriates, they were eager to have guidance throughout the process without any hesitation. We were delighted to assist them throughout the entire acquisition process.

Property search criteria

  • 3 double bed
  • Office / Guest room / Playroom
  • Over 1,600 sq ft
  • 10 min to commodities
  • 10 min to a tube station
  • Parking space / garage

The challenge

The challenge we faced was finding suitable options within the family's budget, particularly as it became clear that Marylebone properties were beyond reach. We expanded our search to include areas like St. John's Wood, Primrose Hill, and Belsize Park. During the process, we also discovered that a turnkey property with excellent finishes became a higher priority than initially anticipated. Additionally, proximity to amenities and a tube station within a 10-minute radius became another crucial criterion for the family. This required us to be more creative and flexible in our approach to finding the right property that aligned with their evolving needs and preferences.

Results and outcomes

After five weeks of searching, we successfully identified the perfect match for the family. Through market analysis, we determined that the property was priced below market value. Despite this advantage, we negotiated an additional 3% reduction below the asking price, resulting in an excellent outcome for our clients.

The key to success

The success of this property story can be attributed to several key factors. Thorough market analysis enabled informed decision-making and the identification of properties priced below market value, while effective negotiation skills secured an additional 3% reduction below the asking price. Flexibility and creativity were crucial in expanding the search to alternative neighbourhoods and adjusting criteria based on evolving preferences, ensuring the perfect match was found. A client-centred approach prioritised the clients' needs and resulted in high satisfaction, while efficiency and timeliness allowed the entire process to be completed within five weeks, minimising disruption to their busy schedules. Attention to detail, particularly regarding the property's condition and proximity to amenities, contributed to securing a favorable outcome, highlighting the importance of market expertise, negotiation prowess, flexibility, efficiency, and attention to detail in achieving success.

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