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Chelsea is known for its luxury real estate market, and there have been several notable sales and listings of multimillion-pound properties.

One such property is a mansion located in the Boltons area of Chelsea. The Boltons is an exclusive residential enclave known for its grand Victorian and Edwardian residences. This mansion, often cited as one of the most expensive properties in Chelsea, boasts extensive square footage, lavish amenities, and meticulous architectural detailing.

Another notable property is located in Cheyne Walk, a prestigious street along the River Thames in Chelsea. Cheyne Walk is renowned for its historic mansions and stunning views of the river. Properties along this street have commanded top prices due to their prime location and luxurious features.

It’s important to note that the most expensive properties in Chelsea are often sold discreetly through private negotiations or off-market transactions.

Let’s have a look at our selection of the most impressive properties sold in 2023 in Chelsea. 

The Boltons conservation area in Chelsea

The Little Boltons, London, SW10 

7 bedrooms | 5 receptions | Gym | Roof Terrace | Parking | semi-detached
8705 sq ft (809.05 sq m)
Sold in January 2023 at £24,700,000

Tregunter Road, London, SW10

8 bedrooms | Cinema | Swimming Pool | Garage
10,155 sq ft (943 sq m)
Sold in May 2023 at £32,500,000 (+91%)
Bought in June 2019 at £17,000,000

About Boltons Conservation Area in Chelsea

The Little Boltons and Tregunter road in Chelsea, Central London, epitomises luxury living with historical significance, celebrity residents, and architectural diversity. Part of the esteemed Boltons conservation area, these streets boast well-preserved Victorian and Edwardian terraced houses alongside elegant Georgian townhouses and modern luxury residences. Notable for its communal garden square and attracting high-profile individuals, The Little Boltons commands some of London’s highest property prices, reflecting its prime location and exclusivity in one of the city’s most prestigious neighbourhoods.

Mulberry Walk in Chelsea

7 bedrooms | spa with treatment room, gym, sauna and steam shower
7163 sq ft (665.44 sq m)
Sold in August 2023 at £17,800,00

Mulberry Walk, London, SW3

6 bedrooms | 5 bathrooms | Gym | Garden
5,320 sq ft (494 sq m)
Sold in February 2023 at £16,000,000 

About Mulberry Walk in Chelsea

This quaint pedestrian street boasts a curated selection of upscale boutiques, offering discerning shoppers a haven for luxury fashion and unique finds. With its elegant Georgian and Victorian architecture, Mulberry Walk exudes timeless beauty and character. Stroll along the cobblestone path, admiring the picturesque storefronts and soaking in the ambiance of one of London’s most exclusive shopping districts. Indulge in delectable cuisine at the chic cafes and restaurants lining the street, where outdoor seating invites leisurely dining and people-watching. Accessible by convenient public transportation, Mulberry Walk is a hidden gem waiting to be discovered by those seeking a sophisticated shopping and dining experience in the heart of London.

Cathcart Road in Chelsea

Cathcart Road, London, SW10

5 bedrooms | House | Garden | Patio 
3,377 sq ft (313.73 sq m)
Sold in May 2023 at £6,690,000

Cathcart Road, located in London’s SW10 postal district within the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea, is a historically significant thoroughfare named after the Scottish town of Cathcart. Dating back to the mid-19th century, it showcases Victorian terraced houses and mansion blocks, many of which have been converted into flats and apartments. While primarily residential, Cathcart Road also hosts various shops, cafes, and restaurants, contributing to its vibrant atmosphere. Its proximity to West Brompton and Earl’s Court tube stations provides excellent transport links, and nearby attractions such as Stamford Bridge stadium, home to the Chelsea Football Club, and the fashionable King’s Road shopping street add to its appeal as a desirable residential and commercial area.

Cheyne Gardens in Chelsea

Cheyne Gardens, London, SW3

6 bedrooms | Storage Vaults | Garden 
Sold in March 2023 at £15,500,000

About Cheyne Gardens in Chelsea

Cheyne Gardens in London’s SW3 is a historic and affluent enclave renowned for its Georgian and Victorian architecture, with notable former residents including J.M.W. Turner and George Eliot. Situated along the River Thames, it offers picturesque views and easy access to riverside walks. Over the years, it has attracted celebrities and artists, becoming a cultural hub with proximity to institutions like the Royal Court Theatre and the Saatchi Gallery. Its well-maintained gardens provide residents with serene green spaces, enhancing its appeal as a desirable place to live in the heart of Chelsea.

As we reflect on the notable sales of 2023, it becomes evident that Chelsea remains a premier destination for those who desire the finest in luxury real estate. Whether it’s the iconic riverside views of Cheyne Walk, the quaint charm of Mulberry Walk, or the historical significance of streets like The Little Boltons and Cathcart Road, Chelsea continues to captivate with its blend of sophistication, heritage, and unmatched elegance in the realm of property ownership. To discover the neighbourhood please visit Chelsea neighborhood page.

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