A Rental case study in Haverstock Hill, Belsize Park

Case study background and context

Her daughter had recently earned a coveted place at one of the most prestigious universities in the UK. In order to cherish their precious moments together on select weekends throughout the year, she found it essential to have a Pied-à-Terre in London.

Property search criteria

  • 2 bed
  • Furnished
  • Areas: Notting Hill, Hampstead, Belsize Park

The challenge

Saturday viewings often face cancellations because properties are frequently taken off the market on Fridays when the holding deposit it paid. Due to her limited availability, she chose to pre-select potential options before our scheduled viewings. However, on the day of the viewings, we discovered that two of the most promising choices had already received holding deposits from other prospective tenants. In response, we promptly contacted the relevant agents to arrange access to two new off-market properties.

Results and outcomes

Out of the two off-market options, we made an offer which was accepted for one of them on the same day.

The key to success

Success in property finding relies on always finding a solution, maintaining composure, and taking swift action. Adaptability and a keen eye for opportunities are also essential qualities to embrace.

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