A Rental case study in York Terrace West, Marylebone

City of Westminster

Key points of this case study

The client

Corporate Let (Tech Company)

Property secured

4 bed apartment in Marylebone

Property type


Property value


Property location

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    Case study background and context

    We assisted this particular client on a previous occasion. They had to vacate their current residence due to the unbearable construction work taking place nearby. Subsequently, they reached out to us once more, seeking our expertise in locating a new rental property.

    Property search criteria

    • 3 bed
    • Quiet environment
    • Bright and airy
    • Top floor exclusively

    The challenge

    The key factor guiding our search was their desire to remain in the Marylebone area, not too distant from their previous residence as they had established routines and familiarity in this neighbourhood, including walking to the children's school. Therefore, maintaining proximity to these aspects of their lives was of paramount importance to our clients.

    Results and outcomes

    After an exhaustive five weeks of relentless searching, constant calls, and persistent emails to all the agencies in Marylebone, our diligence paid off. A dedicated agent, promptly contacted us just before the ideal property hit the market. We were the very first to view the property and extend an offer, putting us in a favorable position in the competitive rental market.

    The key to success

    A combination of persistence, timely communication, and proactive engagement contributed to the success of efficiently finding and securing the ideal rental property for our clients.

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