Studio Yuva & Eda's Story from the Netherlands to London The Family Story

The journey of Eda from the vibrant streets of Amsterdam to the heart of London has been nothing short of awe-inspiring. After only few years in London, she’s now launched her ceramics brand that specialises in crafting exclusive handmade objects called Studio Yuva. The brand caters to the individual needs of clients, interior designers, and restaurants, ensuring that every piece is one-of-a-kind and made to order.

It has been a pleasure to assist her twice, in finding the ideal home that seamlessly integrates with her lifestyle. We strongly believe that the right property and neighbourhood can have on shaping the trajectory of one’s life—a guiding principle that fuels our commitment to assisting individuals in discovering spaces that resonate with them. It’s more than finding a property; it’s about finding the right home in the right environments where personal stories unfold, and dreams find a place to flourish.

Photographer: SengFlo designs


Where is home? 

My home is in Pimlico. Two years ago, Victoria helped me and my husband find an apartment in London. We were living in a bustling Amsterdam with lots of bars and restaurants, and we wanted to find a central location in London that had the same vibe. Living in Pimlico is amazing, it is very central thanks to the Victoria underground line. We live near the Thames, near Battersea Park, walking distance from Tate Britain and many London highlights. 

How did you find your home and where were you living before?

Our homes were found by Victoria. Currently, we live in our second London apartment. The first one was in Chelsea, also absolutely lovely, but a bit less convenient for our jobs. After a year, we reached out to Victoria again, and with the same passion and dedication she demonstrated before, she found us an apartment that meets all of our expectations.

Property and interior design

What do you love the most about your your property

Our apartment was renovated to high standards only two years ago, so living here is very comfortable. My favourite part about our neighbourhood is that we live so close to tourist attractions, yet feel very far away from them.

Your favourite room at home and why

I love the living room the most. As it overlooks a park, it is all green outside. Opening the terrace doors fully allows the interior/exterior to become one, which is just great during summer.

Where do you shop for furniture and deco?

I love finding antiques or designer furniture online or in tucked-away antique shops. For example, I found these amazing Italian vintage chairs at Joseph Berry Interiors, and an antique bench on Kontrast.

Neighbourhood and lifestyle

Where do you shop for food

For all daily groceries, Waitrose. However, for special occasions, I love Ben Venuti, with their amazing Italian pasta and meats. Bayley & Sage for cheeses and great wine.

The hidden gem only locals know about in your area

Delizie D’Italia, outdated and very Italian, the most friendly owners and they have the best sandwiches I ever had. There are always people lined up during lunch hour. 

Your favourite restaurant

Wild By Tart, walking distance from our place, but in the heart of Belgravia

Wild By Tart

Getting to know Eda

The time of the year you prefer

Autumn & of course Christmas! However, London has something great for every season. As a person who loves seasons and everything that comes with it, London is the best!

The best piece of advice you’ve been given

Don’t wait until it’s perfect, just start.

Your favourite place in the world to have a holiday home and why

100% in the Cotswolds! It’s where my husband and I got married, we go back 3-4 times a year to spend a weekend taking walks, drinking wine and wandering through the beautiful villages.

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Let’s talk about Studio Yuva

How have you started your business

It has only been a short while since I started my business. It began as a hobby, while I was working at a large corporation as a Strategy Consultant. It was my way to take my mind off work, but then I got totally hooked. During the summer of 2023, I quit my job and dedicated myself to creating ceramics and working on custom orders. It was the best decision I have ever made!

What is the story of your business’ name?

My business name is Studio Yuva. Yuva means ‘nest’ in Turkish. My goal was to make the name evoke a feeling of cosiness and warmth that you would find at home. I have Turkish roots, so this name made perfect sense to me.

What’s your main inspiration for your creations? 

My favourite ceramic objects are those that are handmade, and you can actually tell that they are handmade. There will never be two pieces exactly alike, as they will vary in size, colour, and flaw. I love organically shaped objects, where you see a bowl was pinched with fingers. My favourite thing about looking at a final piece is seeing the amount of work that went into it.

Studio Yuva Eda Pimlico Living Interior Design Room plates Penthouse - The Property Story

An experience that only London could have brought you

The membership concept in London. When living in a city abroad, opening my own studio wouldn’t be so convenient. In London you have lots of ceramic membership studios, where you pay a monthly fee and are allowed to use all facilities. I absolutely love that and it’s the main reason that I was able to start my own business.

What should we wish you for Studio Yuva in the years to come?

I’m currently creating custom pieces for a residential interior designer. I’d love to do that more, not just individual orders, but also business-to-business, collaborating with hotel or restaurant owners to come up with ideas for custom tableware or decorative objects.


What is your next property move?

I hope to stay in London for the foreseeable future!

Eda Posthumus Meyjes-Yurdakul

London emerges not just as a city but as an intimate part of Eda’ story – thank you very much for sharing!

Interior photos and portraits by the talented SengFlo designs

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