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Making a success of London moves At The Property Story, we understand that relocating to London can be challenging. That's why we're dedicated to ensuring a smooth and stress-free experience for everyone involved. Our team of relocation experts is committed to providing support and guidance at every stage of the journey. Whether you're a single…

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Making a success of London moves

At The Property Story, we understand that relocating to London can be challenging. That’s why we’re dedicated to ensuring a smooth and stress-free experience for everyone involved.

Our team of relocation experts is committed to providing support and guidance at every stage of the journey. Whether you’re a single professional embarking on a solo move or a family relocating together, we offer comprehensive assistance tailored to your needs. From securing comfortable temporary accommodations to finding the perfect long-term housing solutions, we’re here to help. With our personalised approach and expertise, you can trust that you or your employees will transition seamlessly into their new homes. 

Following are the headings focusing on how relocation services can assist in the relocation process (1), and how we overcome relocation challenges by using case studies (2). And finally, what are the key points to cover and the next steps when relocating (3).

victorian townhouses west hampstead
Victorian townhouses in West Hampstead, London.

How can relocation services help when relocating to the UK

Our relocation companies can greatly assist individuals moving to the UK in several ways. Firstly, they can provide valuable assistance with finding suitable accommodation, whether it be a temporary rental or a permanent residence. This can alleviate a significant amount of stress and uncertainty during the relocation process.

Additionally, our relocation services can help navigate the complex immigration rules and regulations of the UK. This includes assistance with obtaining necessary visas, work permits, and understanding legal requirements, which can be particularly daunting for those unfamiliar with the UK’s immigration system. 

Furthermore, these services can provide support with settling into the new environment, including practical advice on local customs, cultural differences, and access to essential services such as healthcare and education. This can help individuals and their families feel more at ease and confident as they adjust to their new surroundings.

Now, let’s take a look at five case studies that illustrate the challenges that occur when relocating from abroad to the UK.

London Trafalgar Square in UK england

Our case studies and relocation success stories

We have experience relocating employees from Hong Kong, United States, Singapore, France, Netherlands, South Africa, Canada, or anywhere else in the world. Here are a few examples. 

Case study 1: Bank Director pet friendly relocation from Hong Kong

A bank Director needed to relocate to London for a career opportunity. Our client’s main requirement was to find a pet-friendly house within his preferred location; Islington in East London. The challenge was the limited availability of pet-friendly rentals. Our team conducted a targeted property search, negotiated a suitable lease agreement, and facilitated a smooth transition for the client and his furry companion. The key to success in this endeavour was a deep understanding of the rental market and having connections with the top agencies and agents and crafting a reference letter for his pet was an essential step in securing the perfect property successfully.

Read more about this case study.

Case study 2: School placement for a Canadian family

A Canadian family, relocated to London, required a 2 bedroom house near good schools and within a specific budget. Our challenges included finding first a rental property that offered a 6-month break clause, providing our client with the flexibility to transition to their purchased property as needed. Following this, we began our search for their future home, meticulously coordinating each step in the process. Simultaneously, we needed to ensure that both the rental property and the prospective purchase were located within the desired school’s catchment area. Our team conducted an in-depth property search, arranged multiple viewings, and successfully secured a rental property that met their needs. Additionally, we provided comprehensive information on nearby schools and guided them through the school placement process, ensuring their children were enrolled in suitable educational institutions.

Read more about this case study.

Case study 3: Expat lifestyle London from European countries

This is our second time helping the couple find a ‘home sweet home’ in London. In the first instance, we assisted them with moving from Amsterdam to Chelsea in London as part of a company relocation process, providing them with information about London and following up on the visa process. This second time, finding a top floor bright apartment in a quiet and ideal location was absolutely essential.

Read more about this case study.

Case Study 4: Relocation from Singapore  

Relocating from Singapore, a corporate client was looking for a modern property with excellent speed wifi, a lot of built-in storage, and underground parking. As a result of our team’s efforts, this couple was able to choose from 10 matching options in their new location, enjoying amenities and conveniences that enhance their quality of life. During the installation of utilities, the team also set up high speed wifi to meet the needs of the work from home company.

Case Study 5: Competitive advantage student relocation to central London

A full day was dedicated to viewing 15 apartments in central London, near the UCL (University College London, second largest in the UK), with both her daughter and her parents. As a result of exhausting the market, we were able to find a suitable apartment on the first floor of a secure building. The landlord preferred our client out of 4 other offers. Our relocation and property finder team in London will present your rental offer through the corporate international department, which gives our client a competitive edge.

Read more about this case study.

Those case studies highlight our expertise in addressing diverse client needs, conducting thorough property searches, navigating immigration rules and assisting with specific requirements such as school placements, pet friendly properties and offering a competitive advantage.

Checklist and next steps when relocating

No matter where you are in the relocation process, you can contact us by email or book a call to get advice and discuss how we can help you with your relocation project.

These are the main topics you should consider when moving to London.

  1. Before your move, start by securing the necessary visas and work permits. Check on the sponsorship visa list of registered company.
  2. Plan your packing strategy and hire a moving company, and if you have pets, research pet import requirements and arrange transportation.
  3. Next, research and secure suitable accommodation.
  4. When your new residence is secured, set up a UK bank account and prepare your finances.
  5. If you have children, enrol them in suitable schools.
  6. Register with a local doctor while understanding how the NHS works and setting up essential utilities like gas, electricity, water, internet, and phone services.
  7. Familiarise yourself with London’s public transportation system and obtain health, home, and contents insurance.
  8. Understand your tax obligations and comply with HMRC regulations.
  9. Prepare for cultural differences and etiquette, and start building your social and professional networks.
  10. Finally, once you’re settled in, explore London’s diverse neighbourhoods and attractions to fully immerse yourself in your new home city.

We at The Property Story ensure that your transition to London is seamless no matter what your relocation challenges may be. With our relocation team and extensive experience finding the right properties for clients worldwide, we provide a seamless and stress-free experience. Read more about our relocation services.

Please contact us today so we can make your move to your new home in London as smooth as possible.

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