If you’re an international candidate looking to relocate to the UK for work, obtaining a visa is a mandatory step in your journey. Many employers recognise the value of foreign talent and are eager to invest in your potential by sponsoring your visa. Exploring visa sponsorship options allows you to identify organisations that align with your career goals and facilitate a smooth relocation. In this article, we will provide a comprehensive list of UK companies that can sponsor your visa, helping you make your relocation dreams a reality.

Highlighting the Importance of the Register of Licensed Sponsors

Understanding the significance of the Register of Licensed Sponsors is crucial for individuals and businesses seeking to sponsor overseas workers in the UK. This comprehensive list enables you to identify companies that possess the necessary licences to sponsor individuals for employment or other purposes. As you consider potential sponsors for your relocation, factors such as company size and the type of visa they offer should be taken into account.

Abundance of UK Companies Willing to Sponsor Visas

The UK is home to a wealth of companies that are eager to provide sponsored visas to talented individuals like you who are looking to relocate. Within the Register of Licensed Sponsors, you’ll find a diverse pool of over 3,200 organisations actively seeking to support foreign workers in their relocation endeavours. Once you secure sponsorship, you’ll receive a certificate of sponsorship with a unique reference number, a crucial document for your visa application and successful relocation to the UK.

Collaboration for Successful Visa Acquisition

Achieving a successful skilled worker visa application often requires close collaboration with your prospective employer. By establishing a strong partnership, you can ensure their unwavering support throughout the visa process, facilitating a smooth relocation to the UK. Once you receive the necessary letter from your intended employer, your visa application journey begins, bringing you one step closer to your desired relocation.

Top 15 UK Companies Willing to Sponsor Visas in 2023

EY Accounting & Professional Services | Apply

PwC Accounting & professional services | Apply

Deloitte Accounting & professional services | Apply

J.P. Morgan
Investment banking | Apply

KPMG Accounting & professional services | Apply

Goldman Sachs Investment banking | Apply

HSBC Banking & finance | Apply

Barclays Banking & finance | Apply

National Health Services Various | Apply

McKinsey & Company Consulting | Apply

Accenture Technology & Consulting | Apply

GSK Chemicals & Pharmaceuticals | Apply

Google Technology | Apply

Amazon Consumer Goods | Apply

Rolls-Royce Engineering & industrial | Apply

In 2023, numerous registered and licensed sponsors await international candidates seeking visa sponsorship for their relocation to the UK. The Register of Licensed Sponsors serves as a valuable resource, opening doors to exciting opportunities and making your relocation dreams a reality. Take advantage of the register of licensed sponsors and apply for a job to embark on a fulfilling career journey in the UK. Don’t hesitate to contact us to know the type of accommodation you can have in London.

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